domenica, gennaio 18, 2009

Men's Cup 3 sugli articoli svedesi

Questo un articolo svedese che parla della squadra di Sincro Maschile a Stoccolma e alla fine anche della nostra Men's Cup 3.

Questa la traduzione (abbreviata) offertaci da Sam Victorin, uno dei SynchroSwimmers:

Stockholm Konstsim Herr (Stockholm Artswim Gents) is Sweden’s only all-male synchronized swimming team. There are very few teams in the world but the sport is growing. Stockholm Konstsim Herr has their own approach to synchronized swimming, they are not as athletic as the young women that practice synchro so they swim in a different fashion which can be called figure floating. The names of the formations are quite unique, like “the meat raft”, “the flower” or “the long worm”. One of Stockholm Konstsim Herr’s aims is to create more acceptance for synchronized swimming, both all-male as well as female.

On Christmas Day the feature film “Allt flyter” (Everything floats) premieres on Swedish cinemas. The film has been inspired by Stockholm Konstsim Herr. The script for the movie was written by the teams former coach Jane Magnusson. “Allt flyter” is not a movie about Stockholm Konstsim Herr. Sure, some scenes are taken from their reality but most of it is fictional.

At present Stockholm Konstsim Herr’s main focus is Men’s Cup III, the only all-male synchronized swimming competition in the world, which will be held in Milan next Easter.

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